Trending Paint Colors for 2017

2017 Paint Colors

In past years, white has been the go-to paint color for every wall in a house. 2017, however, has taken a decidedly different turn. Dark hues are trending. From mineral grays, to dusky dark blues, the dark tones are in high demand. And to top it off, both Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore’s colors of the year have taken a darker turn.

Why? Dark colors bring about a mysterious and luxurious feeling in any atmosphere. They also really highlight architectural details by providing a noticeable contrast between white trim and the dark wall. Luckily it is easy to complete this look with Colorado house painters just a phone call away! However, one must be careful when transitioning into a bold, dark interior color. Without the proper highlights, a room can lose the elegance inspired by a deeper tone and become heavy.

This is easy to combat by paying attention to the details. Try using different shades. By creating dimension and layering in a room, you will be creating an aesthetic contrast. Also, through layering, you will achieve the ideal structural and well organized look.

In the past, home owners simply bought bold furniture to create the space and feel they wanted to. Now, designers are realizing the same effect can be achieved through a carefully selected paint. A bold color pallet will impact you as soon as you walk into a room.

What are you waiting for? Be bold! Go dark. Living in Colorado means that you are constantly surrounded by beauty. The beauty of the mountains and nature is everywhere, but that beautiful feeling doesn’t have to end when you walk inside. The first step to updating your home’s color pallet is through contacting Colorado, Colorado Paint Pros:

We will walk you through color options, and provide you with a free estimate. Colorado Paint Pros will work with you to help you achieve the perfect aesthetic for you home.

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