‘Tis the Season for Interior Painting

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Well, the temperatures have dropped and another Colorado winter is upon us. Hopefully, your home is ready for it on the outside—but what about the inside?

Tips and Tricks for a New Interior

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Winter is the perfect time to rethink your space. There are some obvious options: lighting candles is an easy way to cozy up in your home, and if you have a fireplace, now’s the time to get it going. But there are other intuitive design elements that can really warm up your home, and make those snow days pleasant and bright.

Whether it’s tea, coffee, mulled cider, or hot cocoa with all the fixings, warm drinks are a staple of the winter months. Having your mugs on display is not only convenient, but cheery. And if your collection is a little lacking, a quick trip to a thrift store can fill out your selection quickly and cheaply. Used books are another warm, inexpensive element to add to your space this winter. Even a small collection of well-read, well-worn volumes offers a lot of hominess, not to mention something to keep you occupied while you’re wrapped up tight in a nest of blankets and pillows.

Consider changing out your curtains this season, as well. The right window coverings can provide valuable insulation for your home, and the right color can visually as well as physically warm your rooms.

While the cold seasons aren’t ideal for exterior painting, they’re perfect for choosing new colors for your interior. If the weather is too cold, your paint can dry irregularly, but a professional can keep it under control and give your space a fresh start. If you’re having trouble choosing your new colors, give us a call to help you pick your palette. We have a few tricks up our sleeves to warm up your living room!

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