Pressure Washing Services


You may have had an exterior paint job relatively recently and are feeling good about the state of your current paint job. However—you’ll want to be sure to protect this paint job, and this means giving it a pressure wash from time to time. Colorado Paint Pros are ready to help you with this.

A house located in Colorado will have its exterior repeatedly exposed to harsh weather patterns. If the exterior of your home is not cleaned and washed regularly, the sidings will gather mold, mildew and dirt resulting in rapid deterioration of your home. Pressure washing helps to wash away these contaminants from your house’s outside walls, and in so doing will help to preserve the exterior of your home and also increase not only the appeal appeal but also resale value of your house.

Colorado Paint Pro’s pressure washing process begins with quality equipment. Next, we’ll take the time to sit down with you and go over all the details before beginning anything. Finally, you will get to see your once-shabby looking house be quickly transformed and renewed into a cleaner, fresher and new-looking home.

Colorado Paint Pros has pressure washed countless homes in Fort Collins, Loveland, Boulder, Longmont, Greeley and surrounding areas—and our clients are satisfied across the board.

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