Get the Perfect Garage Floor with an Epoxy Finish.

Colorado Paint Pros in Fort Collins knows that whether you are a cyclist, biker, car enthusiast or someone who likes to work with their hands, your garage is probably your favorite place to be come spring.

The warm weather makes your garage the perfect place for projects and tune ups. But—if you are sick of tripping over, sliding through and staring at stains, cracks and other problems, then garage floor epoxy is the solution for you.

What is epoxy?

Epoxy is resin that can be applied to the cement of your garage floor. The resin doesn’t absorb oil and mud the way concrete does.  Instead, it forces liquids to pool at the surface for easy clean up. Another benefit of epoxy is that it doesn’t chip, break or develop holes the way that cement can.

While epoxy is shiny, smooth and easy to clean, we often put small bits of non-slip material in it. This way if anything freezes over in the summer it can keep you safe from sliding on the ice.

How we apply it.

While the epoxy itself is fairly simple to put on, it won’t last unless the prep work is done correctly. Our technicians at Colorado Paint Pros sand down and fill all of the rough uneven spots left in your driveway so that the epoxy can be applied cleanly and evenly. This evenness will also allow it to last for years to come.  


Colorado Paint Pros also have a wide variety of colors to choose from. This means you won’t be stuck with grey or black if those aren’t the colors you want.  Instead, you can pick out the shade that matches your home and your personality.

If you are interested in epoxy for your garage floor, or any other services, Colorado Paint Pros can help you. Call your Fort Collins Colorado Paint Pros now.

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