Fort Collins: Winter Gutter Maintenance Tips.

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Having a well-maintained gutter is more important than ever during the winter, Fort Collins!

The expansion of ice in the winter could cause damage to the foundation of your house, which might result in costly repairs on the magnitude of thousands of dollars later on.

Gutters are more susceptible to damage in the winter because when snow on the roof begins to melt, leaves, twigs, and other debris are more likely to accumulate in the gutter, potentially resulting in clogs and other problems. While doing any outdoor maintenance to your house in the winter is a pain, having your gutter taken care of will be well worth it.

A checklist of what needs to be done to your gutter during the winter:

Clear Debris. This is the most important task and it is best left until after a thaw. It is especially important to look out for the corners and junctions where leaves are most likely the pile up. Having gutter covers in place can help make this task less burdensome.

Inspect Seams and Anchors. Check for leaks. Also make sure that the gutters are firmly attached to the house with gutter spikes. There should be no gaps between the fascia and the gutter.

Check for Structural Damage. Examine the fascia, sliding, and foundation for staining, rotting, or other signs of water damage. If there is damage, determine the cause and make any necessary repairs.

Check Downspouts and Diverters. Water should be redirected at least 10 feet from the foundation on a downward slope. It should flow away from the house and should not pool.

If you’re not looking forward to gutter cleaning this winter, don’t worry. Colorado Paint Pros in Fort Collins is here to help. We provide gutter-cleaning services all year round to customers in Loveland, Boulder, Windsor, and surrounding towns. Give us a call today.

Stay warm!


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