Fort Collins Paint Pros: Brush Care for Beginners.  

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Summer exterior painting is in full swing for all of our contractors at Colorado Paint Pros, yet—our brushes still look fresh and ready.

How we are able to make brushes last so long?

As an expert provider of painting Services Wellington, we have some brush tips perfect for everyone out there doing it themselves:

  1. When you dip the brush in the bucket, don’t dip more than half way down. A high quality brush will soak in the paint and pull it up the bristles—you don’t need to help by dipping it further down in the paint..
  2. Don’t use a worn-out brush, a brush that is fanned out, falling apart, or splaying. If it is a bad brush, throw it away—it will do terrible things to your paint job.
  3. Paint in one direction. If the brushes always move in one direction, it is less likely to fall apart. It will also guarantee you a cleaner stroke.
  4. If you have to stop halfway through a project, make sure you wrap a wet brush in an airtight plastic bag. This will prevent the paint from drying out and disintegrating.
  5. Clean the brush with mild soap and water the minute you are done painting. When you clean up, always make sure you clean your brushes before you put away drop cloths or any other task. This will greatly improve the longevity of the brush and keep it ready for many more projects to come.

For more great tips—check out all of Fort Collins Colorado Paint Pros fantastic blogs. And, call us today for a consultation.

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