Fort Collins Colorado Paint Pros: Fun with Color Wheels.

When it comes to exterior painting, the Painting Contractors at Fort Collins Colorado Paint Pros know that some people are often limited by their neighborhood’s strict HOA Codes when it comes to choosing a color for the exterior of your house.

While this can be a hassle, it’s important to follow the guidelines to avoid steep fines and other headaches from the rest of your community.

However—just because you have a strict palette to choose from, it doesn’t mean your home’s exterior paint has to look like everyone else’s—there is still room for creativity. As your painting service Fort Collins, we highly recommend using a color wheel.

What is a Color Wheel?

If you think way back to Elementary School Art Class, you will remember that a color wheel puts all the colors of the rainbow in a neat organization so that you can see which colors go with which. For example: red is parallel with green—this is because they are complimentary colors and look good together.  

Secondary colors will also have a compliment which is just one reason why blue and orange make such fantastic Bronco Colors.

Other colors that go with your chosen shade can also be found at a 90-degree angle from your color on the color wheel making a peace sign. An example is red and blue.

How to Use a Color Wheel.

Choose the color you like best on your HOA list. From there, look at it on a color wheel to find complementary and other colors to go with it.

Fort Collins Colorado Paint Pros can help you see if those colors work or not—and then we can help you get those colors on your house so that it is the envy of the block.

Contact us today for a quote, and we will be sure to compliment you and your home.

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