Don’t Do It Yourself

DIY can be a fantastic opportunity to branch out and do something different. When you want to learn about things like making pillows, photography, or gardening, you can glean a lot from creative minds. The old ways are constantly being analyzed and refined to create new, smarter ways more applicable to today’s resources. There are quite a few things that should not be a DIY endeavor, though. Projects that require technical expertise or training should be left to the professionals. It’s not that the actual process is always that difficult, it’s more that DIY kits are nowhere near professional grade, and that it can be extraordinarily challenging to get the job done right with sub-par resources. Often, the DIYer doesn’t have the previous experience to know the ins and outs of what could go wrong, nor do they have the troubleshooting skills to handle a problem in the moment. Sure, it might save you a few bucks if you can wing it through, but it will most likely cost you quite a few more when you have to call in the pros to fix your attempts and do the job right.

You already know that epoxy flooring is awesome. We’ve already discussed how resistant epoxy paint finish is to the wear and tear and everyday life. Water, oil, chemicals, stains, and scratches are given no quarter with epoxy- it just wipes clean with soapy water. Polyurethane is typically applied as a top coat, which is tremendously durable. Polyurethanes are everywhere in our daily lives, whether we know it or not. Buildings, refrigeration systems, furniture, shoes, cars, and industrial purposes are but a few areas in which polyurethanes play a big part. Polyurethanes also help improve energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption.

If you have concrete flooring in your garage, basement, patio, driveway, or steps, consider an epoxy paint finish application. You can mix and match resin colors and color flakes to liven up an otherwise drab concrete gray. You can also mix in antiskid elements for the wet seasons here in Colorado. Contact Colorado Paint Pros for a Free Estimate today!

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