Epoxy Coating at its Finest

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With the kids back in school, you finally have time to complete those home renovations you’ve been yearning to do.  First stop: the garage, of course!  Everyone knows that first impressions make a huge difference, and there’s no better way to set the tone for your entire house than to drive into a crisp, clean garage.  That’s why we suggest an epoxy floor coating to give your garage that flawless sheen it deserves.

Epoxy serves several purposes.  First of all, it coats the concrete surface to cause water to bead, making it easier to wipe clean, and also helps resist oil stains. With the right coating, you can blend out cracks and imperfections in the original concrete, and epoxy also provides more floor grip for snowy days (which are right around the corner!).

In just a few days, you could spread the epoxy coating yourself, or you could hire a professional painting company to help you.  Here are some tips to get you started: 

1.  The first step is always prep.

As with painting walls or any other surface, the real success lies in your preparation work.  Before applying epoxy, you’ll need to make sure your concrete is more than 60 days old, void of sealers, and completely clean.  If you’ve already noticed water beading on your floor, that means you have a sealer, which will need to be stripped before applying epoxy.  Once the sealer is removed, you can clean the floor thoroughly using chemical cleaners and—ideally—a machine called a floor maintainer that you can rent for approximately $40.

2.  Call the shots.

Though epoxy coatings are available in kits with extra supplies, you’ll need to decide how many coats you want to apply and how heavily you’d like to distribute color flakes throughout the paint.  Also, you may want to consider using an antiskid additive, beneficial in areas like Colorado that are prone to ice or snow.

3.  Timing is everything.

When you’re ready to lay the epoxy, make sure to wait for a dry day between 50 and 80 degrees when the epoxy won’t be hampered by rainy conditions.  Once you mix the paint, you’ll have 2 hours to apply it to the floor, so strategize how you’ll cover the ground in that time.  Then, sit back and wait!  After 12-24 hours of drying time, you’ll still need to wait 72 hours before driving your car on top of the paint.

For excellent epoxy coating services, don’t hesitate to call Colorado Paint Pros at (970) 658-0646!  Experts in epoxy coating, deck restoration, exterior pressure washing, residential painting, and more, we’ve got your back.  Visit our website today to start transforming your house as you’ve always wanted!



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