Coloring Within Your Own Lines

We all know the process: you’re standing in your kitchen one day washing dishes, and suddenly it hits you: you simply can’t stand the orange hue in your kitchen any longer! Come to think of it, you abhor the green in your laundry room, too! And whose idea was it to put a pink accent wall in the master bathroom? By the time you’ve rinsed the last soapy suds off that load of dishes in the sink, you’ve mentally redecorated your entire home.

Before you go slapping paint onto the walls, however, there are a few things you should probably consider about color:

1. Match the paint to your already-existing furniture.

Unless you’re undergoing a total renovation, it’s probably a good idea to match any new paint coats with your already-purchased furniture in order to keep costs down. Look around the room(s) you want to paint and note any current color schemes in the wall decorations, curtains, carpet, furniture, etc.

2. Take your time finalizing the color choice.

It’s easy to feel bold and brave in the flurry of initial decisions about your remodeling project, but when all is said and done, after every last painter has gone home, you’ll be the one living in your “new” house. Pause a moment and really consider: what colors make me happy? What am I comfortable with?

Surprisingly enough, your closet is a good place to start. By flipping through your favorite clothes, you can get a feel for what naturally draws you. Also, when perusing home improvement magazines, pay attention to color schemes you consistently like.

3. Try it before you buy it.

You can always take those sample paint strips home from the store with you and think about it a couple days, but to get the best feel for how a particular color will look in your home, grab some “colors to go” samples in smaller cans. Either apply patches of the paint directly to your walls, or paint a poster board and hold it up to the wall. It’s important to get that color into your home setting so you can see how natural and artificial lighting will affect it.

We at Colorado Paint Pros want you to be satisfied with our residential painting services, so we encourage you to make informed decisions. For any questions you might have about us, visit our website or call today!

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