The Allure of Epoxy Flooring


Epoxy is not just for garages, folks. Yes, there are many qualities that are especially favorable to a garage setting, but it doesn’t end there. Basements, patios, and industrial work areas are all logical places to install an epoxy floor. There’s a lot to be said for the multidimensional aspects of this solid sealant. Let’s take a bit of a tour, shall we?

To start, one of the biggest attributes of Epoxy Flooring is that it can easily meet aesthetic requirements, while also serving in a functional manner. Aesthetically, epoxy lends itself to a better look than plain old concrete, but also adds to the light of a space. An epoxy garage floor provides more work visibility. In a basement, it means a brighter, cleaner space that no longer feels like a basement. You can use epoxy versus carpet to really vault a room to something lighter and more fun. It’s also ridiculously easy to clean up after your poker crew or game night.

Despite appearances, epoxy is not a paint, it is a thermosetting resin applied as a coating. It is made with a blend of resin and hardener, and cures through an exothermic process, meaning the combination becomes heated while blending. This chemical combination creates a hard layer that is resistant to humidity, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Because it’s so protective, it’s perfect for metals put under high-stress, such as airplane hulls, ship plating, wood furniture, and fiber optics. Epoxy is also used in the construction of automobiles, bicycles, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, and many, many other things that require a durable, high-strength bond. Epoxy can be used as a primer to prevent corrosion to automotive, marine, oil & gas, construction, and pipeline metals, while simultaneously improving the adhesion of paint to the same surfaces as it seals. It has very good electrical insulating properties, and can even assist in electrical connectivity by incorporating silver flakes in the resin base. Clearly, a floor is no big deal.

Another great benefit of installing epoxy floor over your concrete is the sealing process. First, the floor is thoroughly cleaned. Then large cracks, dents, and other damage is repaired. Small cracks are sealed by the primer coat. When the base coat is applied, with colorful flakes to add character and grip, stains and blemishes become irrelevant. A polyurethane top coat is recommended to prevent discoloration from UV light. In a garage, this top coat is particularly important. Additionally, an epoxy sealed floor will no longer leech cement dust all over! Kiss your dustpan goodbye! Welcome to a clean, bright work area! Say hello to air uncontaminated with specks of concrete!

Epoxy floors clean up with soap and water. Short of welding slag, you can’t hurt the stuff. It’s tremendously durable! Even a mallet drop won’t crack an epoxy garage floor. Footsteps in stiletto heels won’t chip the top coat! It’s the perfect non-slip flooring, too! Epoxy floors are resistant to chemicals, too. So whether it’s a Burgundy wine spill in the basement, or antifreeze in the garage, the clean up plan is always soap and water. Even hours after the spill, all it takes is soapy water and you’re done. No stain, no residue, no mess. How convenient is that?

Speaking of garage chemicals, deicing salts don’t affect epoxy, either. Did I mention that it’s also temperature resistant? So when it’s hot out, the floor is fine. When it’s cold out, the floor is fine. An epoxy garage floor is so much safer than concrete. Firstly, it’s textured, so even in the snowy seasons, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the salt residue, and you can walk confidently into your house, not having to brace for a fall. Secondly, proper epoxy flooring can handle our Colorado temperature shifts, right down to being fire-proof!

Seriously, I could probably go on and on about the coolness factors of epoxy flooring. I’m sure you can tell that I’m a fan. To me, it just makes so much sense! Not to mention how heavily the benefits outweigh the cost. To top it off, these floors really last!

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