Aftercare Guidelines for Freshly-Painted Walls

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If you were about to spend several hundred dollars on a piece of jewelry or hardware, you would want to make sure it lasted as long as possible after you left the store, right? It’s the same with a good paint job. After your Loveland house painters work their magic, there are a few ways you can keep their masterpiece looking fresh and stain-free.

1. Cleaning your walls can extend the life of your paint.

You can clean your walls as early as two weeks after the paint dries, but not before. While you may not feel the need for a cleaning right at the two-week mark, you can still tuck these tips away for when you need a refresher.

Apply soapy water or household cleaner to a sponge or cloth to wipe marks off the wall. Watered-down bleach can be used moderately, but always test your cleaning solution in a more hidden area first to make sure the chemicals agree with the paint.

To clean the exterior face of your home, use a soft bristle brush with detergent to scrub vertically or horizontally. Rinse thoroughly but make sure not to chip off the paint with high water power.

2. Touch-ups can go a long way.

When dealing with those nicks and scuffs that accumulate over time, you’ll want to use the same original paint color as before. If you don’t have any left over, match the original paint number with a new can and go to town. Feathering your brush while covering a patch helps blend in the texture, and thinning the paint also disguises discrepancies.

3. Choose a reliable Loveland house painting company to begin with.

If the initial quality of your paint job meets proper standards, the aftereffects of the job should hold up as well. To make sure you’ve hired the best of the best, call Colorado Paint Pros for their expertise and technique. Known for our love of the trade and hard work ethic, we guarantee success!

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