9 Ways to Make Your House Feel Warm and Cozy

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As we’re in the winter season, you might be drawn to the idea of snuggling up with some blankets by the fireplace with some hot chocolate and a nice book. While this sounds like an amazing way to spend part of the day, sadly we must face the reality of attending to our everyday responsibilities, no matter how cold it might be inside. However, making your home feel more warm and cozy is a great way to make attending to said responsibilities a little less dreadful. There are lots of great ways you can give your house a warmer feel without spending too much money. Some of these ideas are discussed below.

  1. Curtain Walls. You can try hanging curtains all the way across one or a few of your walls. Not only would this look chic, but the bulk of the material would add a cozy effect to the room.
  1. Family Photos. What better way to make a house feel like home than the love of your family? Displaying nice family photos adds warmth, and also gives the house more of a personal touch.
  1. Seating in the Bedroom. Here’s that perfect spot to curl up with a book under some blankets. Including seating makes your house feel homier.
  1. Throw in a Throw. The great thing about including a throw is that it’s a way to add some pizzazz for the season without fully committing. Once it gets warm out again, you can keep the throw in a closet if you so wish and bring it back out next winter.
  1. Create a Nook. You can make a nook by pushing a sofa or a twin bed up against a wall and covering it with some pillows to lie on.
  1. Include some Fuzz. Fuzz creates a nice, snuggly feel. This could include carpets, rugs, blankets, or a wall hanging.
  1. String Lights. String lights are perfect for the season and instantly add more brightness and warmth to the house. They create a dazzling, shimmering effect that will make your home feel irresistible.
  1. Light a Fire. If you have a fireplace, this is an obvious way to make your house feel warmer—literally!
  1. Use Darker Colors. Painting a room is a simple and inexpensive way to give it more warmth. You can give the room a cozier feel by painting it a dark, dramatic color, including charcoal grey or chocolate brown. However, you want to throw in some pops of metallic and white to keep the room from feeling too heavy.

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