3 Tips for Choosing an Exterior Paint for Your Home

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Painting the exterior of your home is a big job. Because it is a large process, you are less likely to do it on a continuous basis, so you need to choose the best paint for the job. Our house painters can do a beautiful custom job on your home that will make it stand out without being too flashy, but how do you know what paint to choose? Read through our three tips for choosing an exterior coating for your home.

Think of It as an Investment

When deciding whether to hire house painters, remember that a professional looking job is worth the price. No drips, no faded areas, just a beautiful home. Just be sure to hire someone trustworthy like our Colorado painters. Unlike construction and demolition, simple touch-ups such as painting your home do not require a permit. Since it is not regulated, it is especially important to hire a painting company that takes pride in providing a safe environment with beautiful results. And don’t stop there with your money. You’ll also need to choose a quality paint that will stand up to weather and stains while presenting an even coating.

Think About the Colors of Permanent Structures

Whether you have a deck or a brick foundation, your house colors will need to mesh well with anything already standing. Start with deciding whether existing colors are hot or cold and then choose something in that color wheel with your trusted house painters. If you are having trouble deciding on a color, ask the experts for advice – your professional painters!

Remember That You Need More Than One Color

When painting your home, you will need coordinating colors for the house, accents and trim. Try to keep trim contrasting with the main color you choose for your home. If the home is light, choose dark trim or choose light trim to brighten up a darker shade. When choosing accents, paint the door a beautiful bold color, but hold back a bit on shutters and gables.

Picking a quality color for the outside of your home is an important decision. Choose wrong and you or your neighbors might hate it – leaving you to do the job all over again. By working with our trusted house painters, you are guaranteed to find the right paint and high quality finish for your home so you can be happy for years to come.

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