Add Power Washing to Your Spring Cleaning

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Did you just finish shoveling the snow off the walk around the house? Did you notice how sad and dirty your siding is? Or how dark and grimy your brick has turned? Or how about that stucco? Is it not what it used to be? Before you throw a tantrum, throw the snow back over, and pretend it’s not there, schedule a power wash for this spring instead. One visit from us and your home’s curb appeal will be the envy of the neighborhood.

When Should I have it done?

As long as it’s above freezing, you can schedule a power wash for almost any time of year, but spring and early summer will let you get the most out of your sparkling clean house. With most brick and siding we recommend a good power wash every other year. However, this can vary depending on the color and texture of the material. For example dark-colored siding often looks cleaner longer, while white, beiges and other light colors can get dingy faster.

We also strongly recommend a good power wash right before you put your house on the market. This way it shines when potential buyers walk up to the doorbell.

Why Should I schedule a Power Wash with Colorado Paint Pros?

Power washing doesn’t just leave your house looking great; it also improves the longevity and color of your surfaces. It can also remove stubborn stains, dirt, mud, and oil. It is also an excellent way to cut down on mold and other airborne pollutants that make springtime allergy sufferers miserable.

While you could add DIY power washing to your to-do list this spring, you could call Colorado Paint Pros instead. You may know us Fort Collins house painters, but professional power washing, our gentle cleaning solution, and fast, friendly service is also a fantastic and stress-free option. Our Technicians will come to your house and leave it looking great while you are off doing something more fun with your spring weather. So call now to set up your spring appointment with Colorado Paint Pros.

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